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Alumina Grinding Media

What are the characteristics of Alumina Grinding Media?

Uniceram Advanced Materials’s Alumina Grinding Media and Bricks are manufactured from Corundum (Aluminium Oxide). It contains 92% α-Alumina crystals with Silica being the major ingredient in the residual.

These products are extremely hard (9 on Mohs scale, with Diamond being 10). It is highly wear resistant, ensuring high purity grinding and reduced grinding time. It is resistant to most acids and alkalis, except HF. They have a smooth surface finish and are impervious. Nonporous characteristics permit fast color composition changes with easy clean up.

Indeed, Uniceram Advanced Materials’ Alumina Grinding Media and Bricks represent the state-of-the-art in industry today.

Advantages of using Uniceram Advanced Materials’ Alumina Grinding Media and Bricks:

• It is extremely hard and highly wear resistant. This ensures faster grinding with higher efficiency and a better quality of the output
• It has a longer life, resulting in a longer Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
• Due to its high wear resistance, it is non-contaminating.
• It is impervious, permitting fast color composition changes without the fear of contamination.
• Being isostatically pressed, the product is very dense ( ρ = 3.6 gm/cm3)

Factors to be considered while selecting the Grinding Media:

• Feed Size - Smaller Media cannot easily break up large particles
• Final Particle Size - Smaller Media are more efficient when ultrafine particles are desired
• Hardness - Harder the media, better the grinding efficiency and consequently, longer the media life
• Specific Gravity - Generally speaking, high-density media gives better results. The media should be denser than the material to be ground
• Acidity or Alkalinity of the Slurry - Some strong acid or basic slurries may react with certain metallic media
• Contamination - Material contamination resulting from the wear of the media affects the product and may need to be removed by a magnetic separator, chemicals or by employing a sintering process
• Discoloration - Use of certain media results in color development and is therefore not suitable in the production of some products such as white colors, etc.

Selection of the Size of Milling media:

Media selection should be decided by analyzing the average raw material size for the starting batch, the void size between the spheres and the desired final particle size. Typically, the grinding media should be four times larger than the largest particles to be reduced. A mixture of media sizes is usually recommended-a 50% media charge by mill volume and mixture of three sizes- 25% of the largest and smallest sizes, and 50% of the medium-sized media. We also recommend removing very small media from time to time as it no longer contributes to grinding efficiency.

Testing of Grinding Media

We are always evaluating our products to make sure that they are of the highest grade and quality. Click here to view the Wear Rate Testing of our Alumina Grinding Media.

Case Studies

Savings for the Cement Industry by use of Alumina Grinding Media: This Case Study shows the Potential for Savings for the Cement Industry by Use of Alumina Grinding Media

Comparison of Rubber Lined Mill to a Ceramic Lined Mill (PDF Format)

For full technical details on usage of the media and the bricks, please contact our technical department.

Click Here to Download our Product Catalogue for Alumina Grinding Media
(PDF Format)


Grinding Ball Size Range: 0.8-60mm  Diameter                      






Alumina Brick Size: Length 152mm— Width 50mm—Height 40/60/70mm   

Rectangular Bricks
150 x 50 x 40 mm
150 x 50 x 60 mm
150 x 50 x 70 mm

Trapezoidal Bricks
150 x 50/45 x 40mm
150 x 50/45 x 60mm
150 x 50/45 x 70mm

Flake Bricks
150 x 30 x 40 mm
150 x 30 x 60 mm
150 x 30 x 70 mm

Half-Rectangle Bricks
75 x 50 x 40 mm
75 x 50 x 60 mm
75 x 50 x 70 mm

Half-Trapezoid Bricks
75 x 50/45 x 40 mm
75 x 50/45 x 60 mm
75 x 50/45 x 70 mm