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Wear Rate Testing of our Alumina Grinding Media Balls

Grinding System:

Balls Size – 60mm
Ball Mill Size – 3’ x 3’
Ball Mill R.P.M. – 48 R.P.M
Ball Mill Lining – Uniceram’s Alumina 92% Standard Lining
Grinding Balls – Uniceram’s 92% Alumina Standard Grinding Media

Ball Mill Charge:

Porcelain composition 150 kilos consisting of:

  • China Clay lumps

  • Feldspar: Avg. Size – 150 to 200 mesh

  • Silica: Avg. Size – 150 to 200 mesh

Water   - 150 Liters
Grinding Balls   - 150 kilos


After every 24 hours of running time, a fresh batch of porcelain composition and water was loaded in the mill. The grinding media was not changed.

After every 216 hours of total running time, the mill was stopped and the loss in weight of the grinding balls was measured.


The result is tabulated as under:

Sr.No. No.of Hrs Initial Weight


Final Weight


Cumulative Weight Loss


1 216 Hrs. 150 149.2 0.8
2 432 Hrs 149.2 148.7 1.3
3 648 Hrs 148.7 148 2
4 864 Hrs 148 144.7 5.3

From the above data, after 864 hours of running time, the weight loss per hour is 6.1 grams/hour*

*Please note that this is a typical test result and should be only used for guidance. Individual results may vary depending on various application factors