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Ceramic Membrane Filters

Specially for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we offer the Alumina Ceramic Membrane Filters. They consist of a porous alumina support and a micro-pore membrane applied on their inner or outer surface, depending on the application. They are highly useful for solid-liquid separation, for chemical filtration and for phase separation. They are characterized by their high hardness, rigidness, chemical resistance to acid/alkali attack and high thermal shock resistance. They are highly useful in many beverage industry applications as well.

Typical Specifications of Membrane Filters

Intersection Shape

Number of Channels





Outer Diameter: mm


Φ 10

Φ 25

Φ 30

Channel Diameter: mm

Φ 9

Φ 6

Φ 6

Φ 4

Specific area of Membrane: m2/m





Thickness of the Membrane: mm

1.5 ~ 2


Porosity of Support: %

> 33

Average Pore Size of Membrane:

0.05, 0.1, 0.5

Compressive Strength: MPa

Inner Compressive Strength: 0.5
Outer Compressive Strength: 1.0

Flux of Purified Water: L/h. m2

> 500

Material for Support and Membrane


Maximum Working Temperature

1200 oC

Usability over the Range on pH Scale

0 ~ 14

Available Size Range:
Diameter 6mm to 40mm
Length up to 1200 mm

A Micrograph of the membrane, showing the precision with which the membrane has been deposited. The winning combination is the separating ability of the membrane, coupled with the high strength of the alumina support.

Some of the Typical Applications of the Ceramic Membrane Filters are listed below:

Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Clarification and purification of the fermentation products as well as purification or separation of product slurries.
Environmental applications: Waste Water clarification and separation.
Food and Beverage Industry: Microfiltration of milk, clarification of fruit juice and separation of soyabean protein.
Highly useful for various filtration applications in the Petro-Chemical Industry.
Other fields: Reclamation of nano powders, filtration of acid/alkali containing liquids.

Advantages of Ceramic Membrane Filters over other Filtration Devices:

Cross-Flow and back-flushing may be used to have higher flux rates.
The design is compact, saving the precious plant area. The system is a closed system, adding to the ease of operations.
The system is easy to clean and may be cleaned in-situ.
The Material of construction being Alumina, the filter is unaffected by chemicals (except hot concentrated H2SO4 and HF)
The high rigidity of the support offers resistance to elevated temperatures and pressures, thus prolonging the life of the system.
Like all of our other products, we can provide customizations to match the designs and requirements of the end-user.

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