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Honeycomb Filters

Honeycomb Filters, from the applications point of view, serve similar purpose as the foam filters. The difference is that, while the foam filters have a interlinked pores structure, the Honey Comb Filters have a series of through holes that do the work of filtering / catalyzing the contents passing through it. The filter is formed by the bonding a number of of honeycomb segments each of which has a number of through-holes being partitioned by partition walls.

The typical applications materials for the filters are Alumina and Cordierite. They can withstand high temperatures, have high rigidity along with their high thermal shock resistance and are chemically inert except for use with hot concentrated Sulfuric acid and any concentration of Hydrofluoric Acid.

Like all our other products, these too can be supplied with a high degree of customization of shapes and sizes and porosity for various end applications.

The Typical Applications Include

Carrier for Catalysts in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry: The inertness and rigidity at elevated temperatures of alumina is highly useful for this application. The inner side of the honeycomb provides a high surface area for the reaction to take place. This is particularly useful in treating the exhaust gases for noxious chemical fumes like Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulfur as well as other effluents as such emissions have the potential to harm people and the environment.

Molten Metal Filtration: They are ideal for use in this application as they have low back pressure and high efficiency in the molten metal filtration application. This goes will with the inertness of alumina and the rigidity at high temperatures.

Automobile Applications: They are used in the catalytic converters of automobiles to lower the harmful emissions of NOx, Sulfur Oxides and Carbon Monoxide along with hydrocarbons from the automobiles. Here, the critical application parameter is the high temperature of the exhaust stream coming from the engine of the vehicle. This is where the ceramic honeycomb scores over other materials in the ability to withstand high temperature. By providing the product to keep the potentially hazardous emissions under control, we are happy to do our bit for the environment.

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