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Ignition Electrodes / Ignition Assemblies

Lighting of burners, using oil or gas as their fuel, is achieved by a spark generated between a pair of high voltage insulated electrodes placed near their burners. Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of insulators, we have moved a step ahead and now offer complete Ignition Electrodes and Assemblies. Our Ignition Electrode utilizes all of today's leading edge, state-of-the-art technology.

These electrodes for direct spark and hot surface ignition come in a full range of low cost options. We can custom configure the electrode assemblies to meet specific OEM ignition system requirements.

These electrodes are ideal for pre-mix gas burners which have been used extensively in Hot water boilers, Oven, Condensing boilers, Air heaters, Drying machines, Spray booths, Process heaters, Range cookers, Steam boilers etc.

Our electrode assemblies for gas ignition systems can incorporate flame sensor rods, spark ignition systems and a combination of both, in a variety of sizes and configurations. Our electrode assemblies are custom fabricated to position the spark gap precisely and meet other design requirements.

Further, utilizing our expertise on insulators, we offer insulators of various ceramic materials to suit the application conditions of the electrode. The typical materials range from Steatite, Electrical Porcelain or High Alumina for high temperature/voltage usage. The wire probes can be made from nickel-chrome, stainless steel, or other specialty metals like Kanthal-D.

A Few of our Standard Electrode Assemblies:

Single Electrode with nickel plated steel plate, Kanthal-D Electrode and glazed high alumina insulator
Twin Pin Electrode with nickel/chrome electrode tips and glazed Magnesium silicate insulator:
Multiple Assembly: This is a series of electrodes with various materials and designs. This is the crux of our ability: providing the product as per your designs and requirements. The design complexity is clear from the photographs on the right.

We can deliver a highly customized offering, made as per your prints and designs. For more information on what Uniceram can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us today for a Customized Ignition Electrode made just for you!


       Single Electrode

       Twin Pin Electrode



       Multiple Assembly