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Pump Components

Uniceram's High Wear Resistant Pump Components include pistons, plungers, wear plates, bushes, liners and sleeves and mechanical and chemical seal rings. These are typically used in Jet Pumps, Water Jetting Pumps, High Pressure Pumps and High Pressure Water Supply Pumps, which find tremendous applications in industries including Automobiles, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Foundries, Oil Refineries, Paper and Pulp Manufacture, Cement Manufacturing, Food Processing, Thermal Power Plants and Steel Plants etc.

We produce this product by various process technologies such as Uni-axial Pressing, Isostatic Pressing, Extrusion and injection molding. The manufacturing process is based on the component size, geometry and the required production volume. Since the technology has been developed by us, we know how to manage the critical parameters to produce the best quality products. We can machine the components to very close tolerances and can give a high surface finish of Ra<0.2 microns. This speaks volumes about our technical capabilities.

Our standard materials for wear resistant ceramics include alumina (from 85% to 99.8%), Yttria Stabilized Zirconia, Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia and Silicon Carbide. Chemically inert and having hardness only surpassed by diamond (9 on Mohs Scale), they are capable of withstanding high temperatures and extremely corrosive environment. These are an ideal choice for enhancing the pump life.

However, the materials, the product, the processes do not define our core competence. Our core ability is the ability to customize and innovate. With the backing of the solid experience of our product development team, we are in a position to manufacture products as per our customer�s pricing and technical requirements. For us, component geometry is not a restriction. As we say, if you can draw it, we CAN make it.

We can also provide ceramic coated pistons and plungers, the base metal being stainless steel. Please Click Here to view more information on Ceramic Coatings

We can also have pistons made of steel to which ceramic is bonded. The ceramic is bonded to the steel using either of three methods:
Epoxy Adhesive Binder
Shrink Fitting

Our other products include custom Wear Sleeves and Plates and Customized Wear Resistant Parts in Alumina and Yttria Stabilized Zirconia. Please click here for Material Specifications

Click Here to Download our Product Catalogue for Ceramic Pump Components
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