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Refractory Materials

Uniceram offers a variety of refractory products for use up to 1800 oC for a broad array of applications. The products include labware like ceramic thermocouple tubes, muffles, combustion boats and crucibles. The other application of Assay Testing Ceramics is an innovative application combining the chemical inertness of ceramics with its ability to withstand high temperatures. For refractory applications involving high temperature insulation such as furnace and boiler linings, we provide Insulation Bricks and Insulating Castables. Add controlled pore structure and porosity to a refractory- you have ceramic foam filters, used by metal casting industry to filter molten metals while they are poured into the casts.

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Assay Testing Ceramics

Insulation Bricks

Insulating Castables

Foam Filters


Ceramic Rollers for the Tile Industry

Like all our products, we have the ability give a highly customized product. Various pre-cast hearths, shapes, refractory tiles can be designed and provided to match your specifications and prints. Typical applications include ceramic hearths for furnaces, ceramic backing for burners and so on..

Featured Product Series: Refractory Package for Cement Kilns

After studying the chemistry involved in clinker formation as well as the wear and tear of refractories occurring in the cement roller kiln, we have assembled our armory and put together a perfect package for the refractory lining of the roller kilns for cement as well as the preheaters. Click here to learn more about the Refractory Package.