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Wear Resistant Parts

Uniceram provides, for high wear applications, Alumina and Yttria Stabilized Zirconia products with exceptional life and durability. They are characterized by their high hardness, relative chemical inertness and incredible wear resistance, ensuring greater reliability and performance. Typical applications include Grinding Media and Ball Mill Lining, High Pressure Pistons and Plungers, Wear Plates, Custom Sleeves, Valve Parts...........the list is endless. We are constantly developing newer applications, so contact us today for a customized wear resistance solution just right for you!



                                High Alumina Components                                                  Ceramic Pump Parts


                                 Alumina Grinding Media                                                      YSZ Grinding Media


                     Ceramic Coatings/Coated Components                                      YSZ Structural Ceramics


                                                                                       Textile Parts